Decoded Verified E-juice

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Premium Labs has done it again with their signature premium e-juice line, Decoded Verified. This line-up is jam-packed with delicious & sweet blends that will leave your taste buds wanting more!


Bermuda Triangle: Lose yourself within the flavour of honeydew cream, blended with fresh apricot.

Bloop: A kiwi watermelon candy taste so huge, even your tastebuds might not believe it!

Pyramid: Get wrapped up in the perfectly built structure of our strawberry roly poly flavour!

Sailing Stones: Feel like you’re floating with the sweet taste of your favourite tiger’s breakfast cereal, dropped in a bowl of fresh milk.

Titanic: Sink into the depths of a rich espresso latte with pralines.

Troy: A golden honey nut cruller that will invade your senses!

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