Efest LUC Blu6 Intelligent Charger

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The LUC V6 is an intelligent 6 bay charger from Efest. Each charging slot is independently monitored and will automatically stop charging when your batteries are full. The LUC V6 is capable of charging 6 batteries at 0.68A each, or two batteris at 2.0A each.

Main Features: 

6 individual charging slots Charging modes: 0.68A x 6 / 2A x 2 (CC/CV) USB Powerbank mode for slot 3 Only Slot 3 and 4 can charge 26650/26500 cells Slots 1,2,5,6 can charge 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/17350/18490/18500/18650 cells Features over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection PLEASE NOTE: The LUC V6 can only charge 2 26650s at a time in slots 3 and 4. 2A charging only works in slots 3 and 4. AC Input Voltage: 110-220V 50/60HZ DC Input Voltage: 12V 2A Output current: 0.68A x 6, 2.0A x 2 USB Output: 5.0-5.5V 1A Battery output cut-off voltage: 3.00+-0.15V Auto recharge voltage: 4.10+-0.1V Android 4.3+ and iOS7+ apps available for bluetooth monitoring Included accessories: USA Wall Adapter 12V Car adapter -Never leave batteries unattended while charging. -Always make sure batteries meet the specifications of the charger before use.

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