Vapor Junkie Salted Butter (60mL)

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Vapor Junkie's one-of-a-kind delicious butter mixes. They've completely nailed this line. Words don't do them justice - just give them a try and see for yourself!


Buttermilk Pie: The flavor that started our Salted Butter e-juice lineup! Buttermilk pie adds a smooth, nostalgic flavor to your vape you'll instantly love.

Buttermilk Pecan Pie: One of two original Salted Butter flavors you've came to love. Buttermilk Pecan Pie adds a delicious nutty flavor to our smooth buttery e-juice recipe. 

Bourbon Pie: The latest addition to our Salted Butter lineup! Bourbon Butter combines a smooth bourbon liquor to an already buttery smooth vape. 

Lime Pie: The latest addition to our ever popular Salted Butter e-juice line! Keylime pie adds a delicious and upfront keylime flavor to match the buttery smooth recipe of our Salted Butter Pie. 

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